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By 10th April 2011School Links

Send My Sister to School

Dates: May and June 2011
Join the Global Campaign for Education’s initiative ‘Send My Sister to School’ this summer term. Explore the issues and speak up for girls’ education! 67 million children are out of school: most are girls. Help them to remind world leaders of their promise to provide an education for all children by 2015.  You can order your free pack including posters, DVD, stickers and teacher’s guide at (lots more learning resources are available on their website)

Afrographique – blog with ‘infographics’ about Africa

Afrographique is a blog which aims to “assist the changing perception of Africa and it’s people”. It presents information in an ‘infographic’ format which aims to be exciting and easy to understand ‘at a glance’.

Go to and you will find a range of colourful graphics illustrating issues such as African mobile subscriptions by country, African CO2 emissions, African top 10 websites. More are added every month.

Link Ethiopia