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Adventures with a Donkey in Ethiopia

By Fundraising

Written by Rory It’s 2pm in the heat of the Gondar afternoon and I’m following the happiest donkey in Ethiopia. Happy because he’s spreading the joy of reading in for Ethiopian students without libraries … and because carrying his load of books, rather than bags of cement or teff (a grain used to make injera, Ethiopia’s stable bread) that are the usual fair of his fellows, is a cushy number. I am at Bahire Ginb school near Maksegnit, a small…

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Completion of the Atse Bekafa Library Building Project

By Libraries, books and literacy

Written by Isabel Here is a first look at the newly completed library in Atse Bekafa! With construction having started in 2014, a few changes are still underway which will see the addition of a children’s corner, as well as a display of the children’s work. It is already proving popular; at the moment the library is lending out 10-15 books each week, to as many students. Teachers are also making great use of it, with around 15 books being…

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