You don’t have to be based in London or Ethiopia, there are still many ways that you can volunteer for Link Ethiopia, wherever you are in the world. Whatever skills, interests or contacts you have, there are many ways that these can be used to benefit Link Ethiopia. Small charities are in many ways like small businesses or start-ups, and require the same skills set to run as effectively as possible. So bring your creativity, your professional experience, your time and your enthusiasm, to change lives through education.


At Link Ethiopia there are any number of skills that can really make a difference to our work. Maybe you have an eye for design and can help us improve our promotional materials, or you are techie who’s great with code and could help us improve our website. Perhaps you would like to make a video about our work, improve the quality of our photos, helps us build a database, audit our accounts or offer legal advice. Even if you aren’t quite sure how your skills could helps us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


One of the most valuable things you can do as a volunteer is fundraise for us. You can do the fundraising yourself, or even better organise a group to fundraise for Link Ethiopia. We are full of great fundraising ideas, so why not take a look at either our Challenge Events, which includes dragon boat racing, marathons, obstacle courses and other endurance events, or our fundraising ideas to get an idea of the different things you can do yourself, such as host a cake sale, or a quiz night or a golf day.

Promote Link Ethiopia

One of the biggest challenges a small charity faces is getting the word out there about all the great work that we do. We like to ensure that our marketing costs are kept to a minimum, so that our money can go directly to our projects in Ethiopia. There are many ways that you can help spread the word. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and share our content, you can distribute leaflets or handouts, promote us at your work, your school or amongst your friends. If you want to find out more about us and how you can help spread the word then contact us.

Previous Volunteers


I had the opportunity to do some design work for Link Ethiopia after connecting with some volunteers while I was working in Ethiopia for a few months. I contributed in small ways to several projects, but my most involved project was the design and layout for the 2013/2014 annual report. I learned so much more about the organization and all of the amazing work they are doing to improve education in Ethiopia. I’m lucky to have gotten the chance to work with them!

Contact us

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