Explore Ethiopia’s wondrous, varied and often unique character. Learn of Ethiopia’s greatest historic moments, it’s colourful flora and fauna, towering mountains and lush valleys, religious and cultural traditions as well as statistics covering many areas of Ethiopian life.


Boasting 16th Century castles, ancient rock-hewn churches, beguiling religious art and a proud history of resistance to colonialism, Ethiopia is a fascinating place.


Ethiopia is regarded as the ‘cradle of humanity’ and it’s stunning geography is at the heart of this. From mountains to verdant crater lakes – explore with us.


Africa’s oldest nation is a vibrant cultural entity with delicious food, intricate dance, a love of music from jazz to reggae and the oldest coffee culture in the world.


Ethiopia adopted Christianity in 330AD, making it officially the 2nd oldest Christian country on earth, but one that retains an important Islamic heritage. Learn more.


There are 31 endemic species of mammals in Ethiopia – the Gelada above is just one of them. The country is positively bursting at the seams with fascinating wildlife.

Facts and FiguresFacts & Figures

Did you know Ethiopia is Africa’s 2nd most populous country? Or that the country is Africa’s largest producer (and consumer) of coffee? Ethiopia may surprise you.

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Our late president Richard Pankhurst is the foremost authority on Ethiopian history, read his encyclopedic articles here.

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Come with us on a tour of Ethiopia, where we will guide you to its wondrous sights and explore its rich culture.

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