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Grade 7 and 8 Classrooms and Classroom Furniture

Project proposal

A project proposal was sent to Tony Nester to help us to construct 5 new classrooms and new furniture at Kebele 16 School in Ethiopia.

School’s situation

The Kebele 16 Elementary School currently only caters for pupils up Grade 6, and this means that many young people are unable to complete their full primary education. The school and the local community are committed to improving this situation and are seeking support towards the building of new classrooms which will enable them to teach Grades 7 and 8 in the coming years. Link Ethiopia would like to support this community and help them towards their goal. We have worked with the school to agree the following project proposal which would provide sufficient classrooms for Grade 7 tuition. In future years we would want to support them into Grade 8.

Project costs

The costs of the project have been identified. To construct the 5 new classrooms it will cost 35,500 birr and furniture for the 5 classroom will cost39,920 birr, giving a total of 75,420 birr. The school and the community will contribute by providing labour.

Project update

The classrooms are nearing completion!

Project Completed

The classrooms are finished! The walls are plastered with mud, the classrooms have metal doors and windows and a cemented floor providing a safe and comfortable learning environment for the pupils.

Final touches

Desks for the new classroom have been purchased.

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