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New Grade x Classroom

School’s situation

Defecha Elementary School is situated in beautiful surroundings high above the Angereb River in northern Ethiopia. Its nearest town is Gondar which is roughly an hour away by foot. At the time of writing, the school caters for Grades 1 to 4 after which pupils often stop their education and help their parents at home or in the fields. Some pupils walk to the next elementary school which caters for Grade 5 but space at the school is limited. The needs of the school are too numerous to list here but at the top of the list was the community’s desire to expand the school into Grade 5.

Project costs

The cost for constructing a new classroom has been calculated, totalling 10,555 birr.

Construction Started

Defecha Elementary School has started building their new Grade 5 classroom. The work is being overseen by the Director. The local community are helping with the construction under the guidance of a skilled local builder and carpenter. So far they have constructed the wooden walls and half of the metal roof.

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