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New Shared Toilet Blocks

Project proposal

School sanitation facilities are extremely important. It is estimated that 80% of disease within the developing world is caused by the lack of adequate sanitation, and this is perhaps most critical in the school environment where thousands of pupils work and play together. Queniborough School is fundraising towards a new toilet block for girls. We wish them the very best in their efforts!

Project plans

The proposed toilet will have 8 holes and will be for the use of female pupils.

Project costs

The cost estimate for the new toilet block is still being calculated. The cost of cement is fluctuating quite a bit at the moment which is making things difficult.

Project update

Good news from Ethiopia. It took a long time to start, but finally the toilet project is fully underway. Before works could begin the earth needed to dry properly after the rains earlier in the year. Bahir Dar is next to the huge Lake Tana and ground water can sometimes cause problems when digging deep down, particularly after the rains have come. Even after waiting for a long time before starting the excavation, water was found at a depth of 3 metres, so the designs have been adjusted appropriately and the construction has continued.

Photos arrived

Some recent photos of the toilet project at Yekatit 23 – not fully completed yet, but mostly there!

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