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Science equipment

Project proposal

Warrender School has been challenged to raise £600 towards science equipment at Kola Diba Elementary School. The Kola Diba Elementary School is at present without any sort of science provision and they are very keen to put that right. The local community are all prepared to help contribute towards the project themselves, but they need assistance to finance the more costly materials.

Africa Week

The students at Warrender have just enjoyed ‘Africa Week’, to raise awareness and understanding of Africa throughout the school.Money raised during the week will go towards the science equipment project at Kola Diba.

Fundraising completed!

Congratulations to Warrender School for raising £1,131.58 to support projects at Kola Diba Elementary! We are now able to fund a larger science project which also includes tables and storage for chemicals and laboratory equipment. £914.44 is being allocated to the science project and the rest towards the library building project.

Project update

The latest update. Table and shelves have been ordered and they’ll be arriving at the school soon. The school’s science teacher has travelled to Addis Ababa to oversee the purchasing of laboratory chemicals from the Ministry of Education.

Project completed

The project is completed! This is the first time Kola Diba Elementary School has ever been able to use its laboratory room properly. They now have very sophisticated equipment and chemical compounds, including an electron-microscope, electric circuits, test-tubes, thermometers and chemicals for practical lessons. These will allow the school to familiarise students with equipment and chemicals which link into their chemistry, biology and physics lessons.

New photos!

Photos of the new science equipment have been uploaded – enjoy!

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