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Sports and Community Project: Year 1

Link Ethiopia submitted an application to the Hilden Charitable Trust in August 2011 with an aim to enthuse and engage children from 20 schools across northern and southern Ethiopia in sports within the context of 2012 London Olympics.

Hilden Charitable Trust funds Link Ethiopia’s Sports Initiative

Hilden Charitable Trust has just provided a grant of £10,000 to Link Ethiopia to run this 2-year initiative. The funding is to be divided equally between two years. Link Ethiopia was delighted to receive this grant from the Hilden Trust, however, the reduction in the funding will result in scaling back of project activities.

Project Progress

The scaled back project was delivered across 7 schools in Gondar, Maksegnit, Koladiba, and Bahir Dar in partnership with Gondar Sports Commission. The Sports Commission officials, the 7 participating schools, and Link Ethiopia staff donated their staff time and were involved throughout the implementation phase. As a result, Link Ethiopia could invest the full amount of the Hilden grant directly for sporting activities for Ethiopian children.

Project Successes

Sports equipment to 7 schools which provided access to sporting equipment to approximately 17,927 students at these schools (footballs with a net, basketballs, volleyballs with a net, handballs with a net).

Sports Ministry endorsed training provided to 44 students as compared to our earlier estimate of 40 students in year 1 and revised estimate of 28 students.

Sport kits to 6 schools instead of kits to only 4 schools benefitting 150 students,

A sports tournament held in Gondar.


Project celebration event was held on 2nd of June with over 40 attendants from the Gondar City and Zonal administration, Sports commission, Education offices and schools. Click here for our blog. The event was filmed by the Amhara (regional) television with interviews of participants, Sports Commission officers, Link Ethiopia officials and broadcasted on the same evening. Please see link to the broadcast (in Amharic): a result of the successful delivery, more schools are interested in providing sport opportunities to their students.

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