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Ethiopian Art

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Ethiopian Art


Ethiopian Art

The Battle of Adwa (Unknown Artist)

Art is everywhere in Ethiopia. Churches are filled with a special brand of picturesque images of colour and tradition – which serve a very real purpose, with both biblical and more localised religious stories being portrayed clearly and simply to inform illiterate people of their traditions and heritage.

Ethiopia is also home to a vibrant and growing contemporary art scene, which is increasingly visible around the world but which also fosters an alternative art scene producing artworks that de-construct stereotypical images of “authentic” Ethiopia.

With this lesson plan, students produce an original work of art based on aspects of Ethiopian art, architecture, design and wildlife. The objectives of this activity are for students to engage with an Ethiopian artefact or photo to inform their creativity, to critically reflect on their designs and evaluate their choice of materials, tools and techniques and gain awareness of different aspects of Ethiopia.

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