Luxury Food Parcel


Make sure a family has all the food they need for a month, plus a few luxuries. As well as staples such as teff (for making injera), shiro and a range of vegetables, this parcel will also include a range of spices, plus things considered luxuries in Ethiopia such as sugar, and of course coffee.

For obvious reasons food is absolutely essential for all of us for survival, but the benefits from adequate nutrition go beyond this. Better fed children will be more resistant to disease, miss fewer days of school, and be more alert with better attention spans. We take food for granted, however in Ethiopia that isn’t necessarily the case.

Delivery information

In return for your generosity all ‘Gifts for Ethiopia’ come with an optional greeting card and gift slip specific to your chosen gift. These are ideal for giving to friends and family so they know about the gifts you purchased on their behalf.

There are two delivery options to select from at the checkout:

  • Normal postage – if you would like the card/slip posted to you, choose this option and we will include the applicable postage cost in your order. We normally dispatch orders within 24 hours (or 1 business day) and our postage costs are based upon Royal Mail’s charges. UK deliveries are sent 1st Class. International deliveries aim to reach you within three days after posting for Western Europe, four days for Eastern Europe, and five days outside of Europe.
  • Please don’t post me anything – if you would like to download the card/slip, or if you don’t need these at all, choose this option and there won’t be any postage costs. This option is ideal if you want to email a gift to someone or print the slip at home. It’s also ideal if you need the gift straightaway and can’t wait for postage. Download links will be sent in your order confirmation email. If you have any trouble downloading, do let us know (email [email protected]).

Thank you for your support!