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Schools without basic technological equipment will set staff and students at a great disadvantage. Your gift towards a school technology fund will enable schools to buy the equipment that they need the most. This could be a photocopier for teachers, or a fax to keep in touch with other schools and communities. A small gift from you frees up teachers from administrative tasks so they have more time to spend with students.


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Technology provision in Ethiopian schools is becoming increasingly important. The job market is starting to require applicants to have at least a basic level of computer literacy and the school environment is perfectly suited to providing such exposure, although most schools are currently without the necessary technology and teaching experience. That’s where you come in! Your gift could provide computers and associated technology for schools, alongside computer training wherever possible.

Internet access is also gradually becoming a feature of urban life in Ethiopia with internet cafes springing up in most major towns. However these facilities are out of the financial reach of most families and young people in the surrounding areas and your gift could help us work with schools to enable internet provision on school sites, giving pupils access to the world.

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