Our research

On this page you will find papers that assess the need, and inform the design of our projects, as well as reports that assess the impact of our work.

Libraries and Literacy Evaluations

Our Libraries and Literacy Programme ran for three consecutive years, from 2013-14, to improve English literacy rates and access to books for Ethiopian children. Each year we conducted an end of year evaluation to measure our impact and to improve the programme for the following year. Read our 2015-16 report for an overview of the project and our 2018-19 report to see the impact of our relaunched literacy project.

In 2016, Lucy Kelsall, conducted interviews with school librarians in Gondar to assess their status and role in promoting reading in schools

Inclusive Education

Our work to support Inclusive Education is informed by academic insight and review. You can read our own internal evaluation, as well as a qualitative master’s thesis evaluation, and another thesis highlights the importance of resources and institutional change to advance inclusive education.

Child Sponsorship Evaluations

We have used different approaches to evaluate our Child Sponsorship Programme In 2017, Ben Robinson conducted an impact evaluation of our child sponsorship programme. He measured the impact of the scheme on the number of years sponsored students spend in school, and helped us identify new ways to improve the programme.

Barriers to Girls’ Education

In 2015, Emily Gretland, Ben Robinson and Tasmia Baig carried out research to find out what the main barriers to girls attending school are, and at which stage of education these barriers have the biggest impact. This research underpins our Girls’ Education work today.

Rural Education

One of our first pieces of research as an organisation was to identify challenges in rural education and possible solutions to overcome them.