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Classroom Furniture

Project proposal

The Lemat Behibret Elementary School has a reasonable number of classrooms on its site to cope with the number of pupils who attend. But what they do not have is sufficient classroom furniture to use inside these classrooms.

In at least five classrooms the children sit on wooden benches with no desk in front of them. This makes writing very difficult. Pupils sit uncomfortably and write on their laps, or they kneel behind their bench and use it as a makeshift table.

Providing adequate furniture is a real priority for the school.

The challenge is to raise £600 to buy new desks for one of these classrooms. Desk units are not cheap to construct, but they are made locally and are very strong and long-lasting. Please help!

New photos added

Photos of life in and around Lemat Behibret have been uploaded. They include photos showing classrooms with adequate furniture as well as classrooms without adequate furniture.

New photos added

More photos of daily life around the school have been uploaded. Enjoy!

GPS location

In case you would like to know where Lemat Behibret is, it’s GPS location is: 07°57.086 N, 39°07.498 E.

Sadly Google’s satellite photography of the school was taken on a cloudy day! But you can nevertheless see these wonderful clouds here:

New pupils

1,500 new pupils have recently been registered to join Lemat Behibret School. But there are only 600 desk spaces for them.

Please help us raise the money needed to buy desk units for one of their classrooms.

Congratulations to Cradle Hill!

Cradle Hill have raised an amazing £600 towards furniture at Lemat Behibret School. Congratulations!

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