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Library Building Extension

Fundraising in progress

Congratulations to Elangeni School for raising £860.57 towards the library project!

Project costs

The estimated costs have been calculated for the library extension. The grand total is expected to be 10,654 birr.

Construction will start soon

The first phase of funding has been transferred to Atse Fasil Elementary School and work should begin soon.

Project update

Quick progress has been made since the project started. The basement is constructed, the wall is plastered with mud inside and outside. It will next be plastered with a gravel and cement mixture.

Project Completed

The library expansion is completed. It is 8m by 7m in size, it has cemented walls and floor. The construction is well done and enables many more pupils to study there and browse the books that are available.

Furniture needed!

The school now needs more desks, shelving and books to fully utilise the additional space they have. If you’re able to offer any assistance please let us know!

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