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Library Furniture

Project proposal

The Ada Model Secondary School is a very large school which has a real need to improve its teaching and learning facilities.

Relative to the size of the school, the library is poorly stocked with somewhat outdated reference books. But of greater concern to the school community is the need for improved desks and chairs in the library for students to study at.

The challenge is to raise £1,200 to buy new study desks for the library. Desk units are not cheap to construct, but they are made locally and are very strong and long-lasting. Please help!

GPS location

In case you would like to know where Ada Model is, it’s GPS location is: 08°45.387 N, 38°59.865 E.

You can see Google’s satellite photography of the school here:

New photos added

Photos of the current Ada Model library have been uploaded. Enjoy!

Congratulations to Seaford Head!

Our thanks go to Seaford Head Community College for raising £1,200 to fund this project!

Your generosity will make a huge difference to the students at Ada Model Secondary School. Thank you.

The furniture is now in use!

Photos of the new furniture have been uploaded. Thanks to this project Ada Model school have opened a second library room just for their female students to use. The photos show the new furniture in the new library reading room.

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