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Library Building Refurbishing and Library Furniture

Project costs

After the new shelves are installed they need to be filled with books. Books covering various curriculum areas are estimated to cost 9,007 birr.

Project costs

The new library at Jenda School is not yet in full working order, and so students are not able to fully benefit from it. The first step to improve the library will be to cement the floor, which will cost about 13,600 birr.

Project costs

To make full use of the new library at Jenda school new furniture is also needed. The cost of the furniture is estimated to be 26,625 birr.


We have asked Gayhurst School if they can help us raise the funds needed to undertake several library related projects at Jenda School.

Fundraising in progress

Congratulations to Gayhurst School for raising £1,781.96 towards the project!

Fundraising completed

The great news is that in total 40,500 birr has been raised by Gayhurst School. That’s enough to fund all 3 projects! Congratulations to everybody at Gayhurst School for this fantastic achievement.

Construction Started

Construction work has started!

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