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Library building

Fundraising update

Congratulations to Warrender School for raising £813 towards the library project!

Plans are being developed

The Kola Diba Elementary School community is excited about being able to start work on the library project. They have ambitious plans, and are currently collecting donations from the local community to add to Warrender’s fundraising.

More money raised

We have raised £327 of additional funds to support the library building project from Gift Ethiopia fundraising. Thank you to everyone who has donated!

New photos

The materials for the new library are being collected and prepared. New photos have been uploaded.

Construction progressing well

The library building is progressing well. The main structure has been constructed on a sturdy base, in a good location within the school site. The project is currently on schedule and will hopefully be completed and ready for pupils to use in the summer term.

New photos

The new library’s wooden structure has been constructed. There’s still lots of work to do! New photos have been uploaded.

Fundraising completed!

Congratulations to Warrender School for raising the final £217.14 needed to complete the library project!

Library update

Things are going well with the library construction. Its windows and doors have been fixed in place and painted, it has been plastered once on the outside, and a sturdy base wall has been constructed around it.

New photos

New photos have been uploaded.

Library is nearing completion

The floor has been cemented and the inside wall has had its final layer of plastering. There are only a few more things to be done before the project is completed.

New photos

New photos have been uploaded.

Project completed!

The library is now completed and is in operation! It has been painted inside and outside. It contains some temporary shelving and furniture at the moment. The students are making good use of the resources available already.

Final photos uploaded

Final photos of the new library in operation have been uploaded. Thanks to everyone for making this project such a success!

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