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New computers

Project proposal

Dover Grammar School has been challenged to raise £1,200 to fund both new computers and also library books for the school. The Kelemework Secondary School currently has a dozen computers for the pupils to use, with several of those not in a functioning condition. The students are going to be at a really big disadvantage in the future without the acquisition of basic computer skills, knowledge just as relevant in Ethiopia as in the rest of the world.

Fundraising in progress

Dover Grammar School has raised 30,000 birr to help their link school with library books and computers. Congratulations for this fantastic achievement!

Fundraising in progress

Congratulations to Dover Grammar School for raising £1,986.12 towards the books and computer project!

Computer purchased

Computers have been purchased to help the study of students at Kelemework Secondary School. There are two brand new and high spec Dell desktop computers and a new colour printer.

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