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New Girl’s toilet block

Fundraising in progress

We would like to say a big thank you to Dina Shah ,for her generous donation of £600 which will support a new toilet block at Chechela Elementary School.

Construction Started

Good news has arrived about the toilet construction. The toilet pit has been dug 5 meters deep, and the workers are now lining the large hole with a stone and cement wall.

Fundraising in progress

The Soroptimists society has generously donated £850 towards the new toilet block in Chechela School. They very kindly chose to sponsor us for this year and hope to continue fundraising next year too. A big thanks for all their efforts!

Project update

The toilet project construction is progressing very well.

Project update

Of the eight new toilet cubicles, currently under construction, six cubicles will be for female pupils and two cubicles will be for staff/teachers. Judging by current construction progress, the new facility should be fully in use within the next couple of months. To ensure these new facilities remain clean and usable for many years to come the school will benefit from a toilet cleaning programme that we are currently developing with their staff and pupils.

Project Completed

The new toilet block is completed. Each cubicle has a ceramic base which provides better comfort, looks more attractive, and is easier to clean than a concrete floor equivalent. The toilets will be used by girls and school teachers soon. Congratulations to all who contributed!


The new toilet is in use but not finished yet. We still need to fit doors and partition the cubicles with a better material. We have also allocated a cleaning budget.

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